Projector Screen


Comes with a convenient self-locked system and easy installation process, this manual Projection Screen offers a stable performance, along with a clear and vivid picture quality and eliminates light penetration due to its black-backed screen material.


Designed with high-quality fabric and a less reflective screen with a wider viewing angle, this Projection Screen with TRIPOD stand offers a perfect visual experience. Its black-backed screen material and 4-side black masking borders improve the contrast of the screen.


This motorized Projection Screen offers a preferred picture quality by eliminating the light penetration. It is durable, easy to clean, and supports a smooth installation process and its high- quality fabric of matte white offer a clear and vivid picture.


With the high gain 1.2 screen, this well-designed Projection Screen offers an improved picture quality with better contrast. Its matte white fabric is compatible with every projector and for every application.